Medical Student Elective

MSIII and MSIV students have the option of spending time at Stony Brook HOME as an elective.

Application Process:
• Prerequisites: Successful completion of core clerkships in MSIII. Previous
volunteer experience with the SB HOME clinic (as a preclinical student, clinical
student, or continuity clinic member)
• The application will include a one-page written proposal outlining a service
project, fundraising event, or research project to be realized during their elective
• Applications will be approved by the course director (Dr. Jedan Phillips).
The course can accommodate 1 student during each four-week block

Educational Goals:
• Direct Community Involvement with a Medically Underserved Population
• Ability to Provide Culturally Competent Care
• Learning to Work with Limited Financial Resources
• Hands-on Education in Clinic Management
• Experience in Continuity Care Management
• Self-directed Service Project Development or Clinical Research
• Leadership Opportunity in a Student-run clinic
• Improving Clinical Skills and Knowledge
• Development of Teaching skills
• Personal Growth & Life-long Learning