For Volunteers

Operations at Stony Brook HOME center around a student-run model where students manage and deliver care to the patients. An attending physician is present at all times and will see each patient as well. After a patient signs-in with the clinic managers, a preclinical student will meet with the patient to record their vital signs and identify their immediate needs and concerns. 

The preclinical student will then present the patient to the clinical student, who will then complete the history and physical exam. After seeing the patient, and formulating an assessment and plan, the clinical student will presents the case to the attending physician.  Together, the students and physician will discuss the case and modify the students assessment and plan as necessary. The physician ensures quality care for patients and acts as a mentor to medical students as they hone their clinical skills.

Stony Brook HOME gives the next generation of physicians an unique opportunity to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions and to gain insights into providing culturally sensitive care to patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Students learn to work cooperatively and effectively as a healthcare team and to perfect fundamental clinical skills, such as obtaining a medical history, conducting a physical exam, developing and refining a differential diagnosis, and formulating an appropriate assessment and customized clinical plan. The clinic provides a venue whereby Stony Brook medical students can use their knowledge and skills to serve their Long Island community in a direct, unfiltered manner.